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Why Your Kids Are Stressed and What You Can Do

kid reading about the top 10 reasons teens are stressed

This week I thought I’d share a couple of timely and insightful articles. The first article is 10 Reasons Why Teens Have so Much Anxiety Today by Amy Morin. It’s about why we may be seeing more stress in teens today that we did in previous generations. There has certainly been a lot of talk within education and the mental health community about rising rates of anxiety in youth. We are finally at a stage where we can talk about feeling anxious more openly than in the past. However, I don’t think that this is simply a matter of increased disclosure rates. Our society is ever changing, and that change seems to be happening at an ever increasing rate. It is not a surprise that anxiety levels go up.

This article 9 Strategies for Building Coping Skills in Children With Anxiety by Katie Hurley, is a handy guide for some stress management strategies to use at home. It is simple and comprehensive. I would suggest you even make a list of the key strategies and post them on the fridge to keep them top of mind on a regular basis. Enjoy!

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